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Nandi Panchgavya Monthly Subscription:

Saathi Box

These are small table tops or kits with Nandi Products, that can be showcased anywhere in a shop or even on the tables of a restaurant.

Saathi SHOP

Saathi shop is a Nandi Kiosk that consists of 48 boxes of Diyas. This can be kept in any retail shop or even any outlet in a mall.

Saathi SHOP

How to become a Saathi?

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BUY a Saathi BOX or SHOP

To start your journey as a Saathi, you need to buy either a Saathi kit or kiosk from Nandi Panchgavya.

FILL out our form

After you purchase even one of our products made from Panchgavya, all you need to do is fill out our easy form to continue.

Update details

Update any pending details like your PAN card, your profile picture for your individual store, etc.


3 easy steps and you can become a Saathi. You also avail other benefits as a member.

Membership Features


You can easily calculate the amount you wish to earn with our member access-only and easy to use calculator.


As a Saathi, you get access to online video tutorials and exclusive expert guidance videos.

Personalised QR code

Once you become a Saathi, you get your own personalized QR code that you can easily share with your friends, family, employees and with anyone who wishes to purchase Nandi Panchgavya products.

Marketing Material

From wallpapers for your auto or restaurant to pamphlets, once you are a Saathi, you can easily download and print any marketing material to spread awareness.

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What do we get?

Small kit
X Kiosks with 48 boxes X
Support staff
X Refill services X
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Do I have benefits as a member?

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