NANDI - The essence of purity and the bliss of sanctity

NANDI PANCHGAVYA has been curated with the idea of providing the purity of cows combined with divinity and saintliness in the form of one miniscule diya, which when burnt would not only amplify the oxygen in the air you breathe, but also replaces the toxins with the goodness of all five Panchgavya elements. The combination of cow dung, cow urine, cow milk, curd and ghee (made from the milk of desi Gir cow) enables one to breathe the purest form of air one can avail and the fact that such goodness comes to your doorstep makes it highly accessible to all.

With a vision to support and give rise to a parallel economy in India called "Gobar Economy" and accomplish a mission of generating employment in rural areas of India and to save cows from going to slaughterhouses, these Panchgavya Diyas work as an air sanitizer when lit up and purify the atmosphere around you while boosting your immunity given the benefits of each of the ingredients.

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Nandi Panchgavya Popular Products

The Essence Of Divinity

Mini Havan: These patented diyas provide you with all the benfits of a havan and make you experience the 'Essence of Divinity'. The ready to use diyas can be used as manure for plants once burnt completely and generate zero waste, thus promoting a healthy environment alongside acting as an anti-bacterial and mosquito repellent.

Connecting your mind, body and soul to dive into the heart of pure bliss as we plan on taking you into the world of Panchgavya.

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