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Our story

Nandi Panchgavya was founded with a profound goal of making a positive impact on people, animals, and our environment. The team shares a deep-rooted interest in traditional Indian agricultural practices and sustainable living. Fascinated by the concept of Panchgavya, which comprises five natural products derived from cow milk, cow urine, cow dung, curd, and ghee, they recognized its centuries-old use as a natural fertilizer in Indian agriculture.
Through extensive research and experimentation, the team successfully developed a range of Panchgavya products. They seized an opportunity to support gaushalas, or cow shelters, which produce these products as part of their mission to care for cows. With this noble objective in mind, the team embarked on the journey of establishing Nandi Panchgavya as a brand dedicated to selling Panchgavya products.
Today, Nandi Panchgavya has gained substantial recognition as a reputable brand offering an assortment of Panchgavya products. Their product line includes items such as diyas, stands, dhoop sticks, cones, and more. Furthermore, the brand actively promotes the utilization of these products for sustainable agriculture and rural development, fostering a harmonious coexistence with nature and supporting local communities.



Nandi Story

We are passionately committed to promoting panchgavya products, preserving India's ancient knowledge, and enhancing health and well-being. Our belief in the power of natural products drives us to support the body's natural healing processes. Through education and accessibility, our goal is to enlighten individuals about the numerous advantages of panchgavya products, ensuring that everyone can experience their benefits.
In addition to promoting human health, we prioritize the welfare and protection of cows by providing a secure sanctuary for them. Our efforts extend to generating employment opportunities in rural areas, fostering economic growth, and empowering local communities. Upholding ethical production methods is central to our operations, as we maintain high standards that align with principles of fairness and responsibility. Moreover, we actively engage with diverse communities, forging partnerships and providing support to foster their growth and development.
Our overarching ambition is to inspire individuals to embrace healthier, more sustainable lifestyles. By championing the use of panchgavya products, we encourage a holistic approach to well-being that not only benefits individuals but also contributes to a healthier environment. With a strong focus on making a positive impact on society, we strive to create a ripple effect that promotes a healthier, more sustainable world for future generations.


Nandi Story

Our vision is to forge a world where cows are cherished and protected while empowering communities to cultivate sustainable livelihoods. We firmly believe that through rescuing cows from abuse and neglect and providing them with proper care and resources, we can restore harmony to our environment and foster sustainable farming practices. By equipping individuals with the necessary training and empowerment to work alongside cows, we strive to establish long-term, sustainable employment opportunities that alleviate poverty and foster the development of resilient communities. Ultimately, our vision is to create a harmonious world where the well-being of animals and humans coexist, recognizing that their welfare is intrinsically interconnected.


Nandi Story

The company values compassion and empathy towards animals and seeks to promote a culture of respect and care for all living beings. Our value lies in our ability to create positive social and environmental impact while also generating economic opportunities for people. We are committed to promoting sustainable practices that benefit both people and the environment and seeks to create lasting change that can support future generations. We value innovation and with the help of our panchgavya products we are committed to explore new ways to create value for our customers.

By promoting sustainable livelihoods and animal welfare we want to contribute to a more equitable and just society.

Supporting Gaushalas

We have been constantly working to rescue cows from abusive or neglectful situations and provide them with the care and resources necessary to live healthy, happy lives.  Supporting gaushalas is a way to do that. We contribute a significant amount from our earnings to the gaushalas.

Supporting gaushalas aligns with our cultural and spiritual values and provides us with an opportunity to give back to the community.

Stories of NANDI

Aakanksha Bhatnagar

I purchased these Nandi Panchgavya Diya pack few days back along with their Panchadhatu Deepam. The box contains 24 diyas, very neatly made and presented.* The wick of the diyas is made with pure cotton which is coated with pure ghee, diya lights up almost instantaneously and burns for good 30-35 minutes.* The diya burns off completely, leaving a burnt off structure of diya, it can easily be crumbled after it cools off, can be used and stored for tilak or putting in plant-pots.* After fully burning, the diya releases a mild yet pleasing fragrance that is remarkably similar to a proper Havan or Yajna that is carried out in homes or Mandirs. Burning up the diya is similar to having a small Yajna at home to bring positivity and do way with stagnant energies.What truly connects me with this product is the idea of entrepreneurship backed by strong Indic roots and giving back to the preservation of holy gau-vansh. I must commend the think-tanks and owners. Kudos!P.S.: Their Social Media team is Awesome and replies quickly should you have any query!


Somesh Singh

This is a true product. what an environment it creates. It is similar to havan. I can feel all negativity going away from my office. once I lit up, it signifies purity, goodness, good luck, and of course a feeling of power. One must try using and sfeel the difference. I loved the product. It will be source of my energy in office now

Our People

Ms. Muskan Bajaj

An enthusiastic, zealous and multi-talented person, Ms. Bajaj has been sincerely contributing to the formulation, establishment and smooth functioning of the company. She has taken a keen interest in the financial management of the firm and works towards the strategic allocation of resources.

When one inquires regarding her goals for Nandi Panchgavya, she always poses her brightest smile and articulates as to how she wishes to see Nandi Panchgavya diyas and products to be utilised all around the world. Her efforts towards the recognition of the company, it’s deeds and social gratification have to be applauded.

Mr. Sandesh Bajaj

Following in his father’s footsteps, Mr Sandesh Baja is a true entrepreneur at heart.

With his strategic intellect and social nature, he has been leading Wow Nandi to success by effective customer acquisition and his efficacious business modules. And all this while pursuing his degree in Accounting and Entrepreneurship from Cass Business School, London.

He has been the brains behind the efficient distribution of the Nandi Raahi and the Nandi Saathi models all across India and the globe with his smart ground strategies. His conduct and efforts towards the company and the cause is highly acknowledged by every member here.

Passionate and thrilled about horse riding, Mr Sandesh Baja is internally driven to build around 10,000 Nandi Saathi Models by the end of three years. He is an avid animal lover and dedicated to their wellbeing.

Mr. Mahendra Bajaj

A visionary, a leader and mentor, an industry expert, but above all is his compassionate persona. Such is our founder and strategist, Mr Mahendra Bajaj.

Long before pursuing his dream and passion for gau seva, he pioneered the textile industry as a seasoned strategist where he developed and nourished the skills to decipher market structures and formulate plans accordingly.

With over 30+ years of industry expertise, he has been contributing remarkably towards the growth and strategising of the market structure. Which today stands as the backbone of Wow Nandi.

His efforts and dedication towards the formulation of Wow Nandi have led it to new heights, recognition and love. Especially by directing the focus on identification and resource allocation among the rural segment.

At heart, he is a writer, adventure sports enthusiast, spiritual soul and a devoted gausevak.

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