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Nandi Panchgavya Monthly Subscription:

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If you are an entrepreneur or any institution who wishes to start earning for their or others’ welfare, you can do so by being a SAATHI! A Saathi can be anyone who wants to earn more than they earn in their existing business, all they need to do is purchase a Nandi Saathi Kit and sell it with their other products or services. With this they receive extra income.


One of the way to start earning with Nandi Panchgavya is by being a RAAHI! A Raahi can be anyone who wishes to save cows, spread positivity and do all of this while earning money and generating employment for others. Whoever, wishes to start earning but doesn’t have any money to invest or an outlet to showcase the products, can also be a Raahi. Because Raahi doesn’t need any of this! 



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Stories of NANDI

Aakanksha Bhatnagar

I purchased these Nandi Panchgavya Diya pack few days back along with their Panchadhatu Deepam. The box contains 24 diyas, very neatly made and presented.* The wick of the diyas is made with pure cotton which is coated with pure ghee, diya lights up almost instantaneously and burns for good 30-35 minutes.* The diya burns off completely, leaving a burnt off structure of diya, it can easily be crumbled after it cools off, can be used and stored for tilak or putting in plant-pots.* After fully burning, the diya releases a mild yet pleasing fragrance that is remarkably similar to a proper Havan or Yajna that is carried out in homes or Mandirs. Burning up the diya is similar to having a small Yajna at home to bring positivity and do way with stagnant energies.What truly connects me with this product is the idea of entrepreneurship backed by strong Indic roots and giving back to the preservation of holy gau-vansh. I must commend the think-tanks and owners. Kudos!P.S.: Their Social Media team is Awesome and replies quickly should you have any query!


Somesh Singh

This is a true product. what an environment it creates. It is similar to havan. I can feel all negativity going away from my office. once I lit up, it signifies purity, goodness, good luck, and of course a feeling of power. One must try using and sfeel the difference. I loved the product. It will be source of my energy in office now

Donation Box

Nandi Panchgavya empowers you to donate for the well-being of our sacred cows. Any retailer, wholesaler, or dharmatmas, can get Nandi Donation Box and donate the money received to help cows get a better life.

Ancient science of Panchagavya

Cow milk, dung, urine, curd, and ghee, are considered sacred components since ages. Each one of them is a precious gift to humankind. When used together it removes all the toxic elements around you and gives you a positive breathing space. This is a tried and tested method of spreading just positive vibes.