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NANDI - The essence of purity and the bliss of sanctity

Belonging to a family where we’ve had Indian roots, somehow cows were given a primal position in our lives. Now, to a complete stranger, this may seem absurd because in the millennial mindset, cows don’t even make good pets. And surprisingly enough, I would agree to this. Cows don’t just make good pets; however, they make great companions.

It is a well acknowledged fact that the evolution of humans transpired from apes to early humans to the current form in which we are. However, the formidability associated with the intriguing interrogation as to how the only formless part of human life and nature at large, “the soul” came into existence is highly baffling and perplexing to one’s mind. Unlike the physical appearance, the soul of the human body does not find its roots in the fists of apes and sticks of cavemen. Neither does one find this form of energy in the engine of Hamilton’s Ferrari.

As per Hindu Mythology, the soul we talk about, is an entity present in the form of energy. I’m no science prodigy, but we all are aware that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred. It is said that, the energy present in our souls, was transferred from Gods to us in the form of a “cow”.

Now imagine, had that one cow not transpired to exist, humans wouldn’t have been dominating this planet today. Since time immemorial, the essence of purity and clarity associated with these celestial beings has been manifested thoroughly. The chants in the name of Nandi, Lord Shiva’s cow, have been echoing throughout India and beyond. Stories of cows like Kamdhenu, who is referred to as a form of Annapurna, have been recited from one generation to another.

Now, it is very common for an individual reading this, that in the name of mythology I might be mincing words and perhaps there is no corroborative “evidence” to my claims. Surprise surprise, science agrees with what I say! Ayurveda has been labelled as a superior form of medicine and the use of Panchgavya and other cow products has been witnessed in it to a great extent. Cow urine and cow dung have been hailed as the purest form of manure and antibiotic commodity used to enhance the fertility of fields. Above all, one is mostly lying if they deny that milk and related products haven’t been a part of their diet for their whole lifetime and that such articles aren’t necessary for their overall well-being unless they have a medical issue.

NANDI PANCHGAVYA has been curated with the idea of providing the purity of cows combined with divinity and saintliness in the form of one miniscule diya, which when burnt would not only amplify the oxygen in the air you breathe, but also replaces the toxins with the goodness of all five Panchgavya elements. The combination of cow dung, cow urine, cow milk, curd and ghee (made from the milk of desi Gir cow) enables one to breathe the purest form of air one can avail and the fact that such goodness comes to your doorstep makes it highly accessible to all.

Given the new normal, where not only Coronavirus, but other pathogenic entities are on the rise, one needs a safe space to take a sigh of relief and get rid of the paranoia associated with the much needed element - Air. The purification of one’s surroundings is not an additional task, rather a necessity in today’s time. Apart from this, the zero-waste policy, with which we work at Nandi Panchgavya led us to design diyas, which after burning can be used as a fertilizer to enrich your greens with necessary nutrients and oxidants. You want the best for you and your family and through Nandi Panchgavya, we are there for you. The supporting hand for well-being doesn’t pause here. The curation of this product is not only a means of purifying air but a step to protect the lives of thousands of cows who are sent to slaughter houses, once they fail to meet the production demand and enter the final years of their life.

In today’s world, wherein we have voiced our concern towards dignity for all beings, this initiative is a means to pave way for the affirmation of the same. Nandi Panchgavya has thoroughly claimed to believe in the piousness associated with these devoted beings and the initiative adds value not only to our purpose, but also to the lives of these farm animals. Nandi Panchgavya believes in initiating a domino effect. Today, a single purchase you make would save the life of one cow, if not hundreds of them. But every time you breathe the Panchgavya, your heart will be filled with the joy of saving a life.